Instructor: Ana Anderson/Sr. Ramona   
Welcome Back!!

Welcome to Holy Family School 2013-2014 School Year. I'm excited to be back and teaching religion to PreK-4th grade. Religion is a special class at Holy Family. We allow the student to pray and learn new things in the word of God daily. We are looking forward to a happy, productive and exciting school year of walking in the blessing of God.

let's work together to make this the best year ever!!

Class Announcements
Religion News
Mass @ St. Joseph - May 8, 2014

Project Disciples
Use the project disciple log for this summer.

This summer I will:
  • obey my parents
  • take care of my pet
  • play fairly with my friends
  • help with family chores
  • pray each day
  • be kind to a neighbor

Congratulation on Completing your year as a Holy Family Disciple!!!

Class Homework
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